deep cleaning

The past two weeks were so stressful...and my room showed it. When I have a lot to do I tend to let other things slide...such as the maintenance of my room.

Case in point (please disregard the awful pictures):

This is how I allowed my room to look like for over two weeks. Finally I got sick of it. Roughly eight hours and a deep cleaning later my room now looks like this:

All the pillows are where they belong and my sofa bed is back to being a sofa (Yes, I know I need a rug...we're working on it).

My closet was awful too. I could not believe how long it took me to clean it out!


You can actually see the floor and all the boxes I hadn't unpacked yet are unpacked!

This was quite an undertaking...but I'm definitely glad I did it. Now I think twice before I dump clothes on the floor when I remember how long it took me to get my room the way it is now!