(Please excuse the terrible photos...)

I saw this great idea and had to give it a try.

First I braided together three strands of yarn, about 3 or so feet long (It will seem waaay too long). It depends on how many times you want to wrap it around your wrist.

Then I stitched the ends together, so it was one big circle:

I sewed on a button that I had on hand...and that's it.

To wear it:

Drape it across your wrist - you want the side with the button on your right.

Loop it through and pull it up to your wrist. 

Wrap it around...

And just pull the button through the middle!

It takes a little practice....

This whole project is so easy and fun! I made almost the whole thing while watching The Devil Wears's very, very, very simple.

If this whole post no sense at all, head over to the expert - she's much better at explaining it than I am :)