one of those days

I'm having one of those days.

It's not necessarily a bad day...just kind of...blah.

One of the stay-in-your-sweats-all-day-craving-comfort-food days. Mac & Cheese and these doughnuts sound really good right now.

(I'm obsessed with recipes from The Pioneer Woman)

I'm not really that motivated to do anything...I guess I'm just ready for a break - and spring. I'm definitely ready for spring.

I love the soft air, sweet smell, chirping birds...if I had to pick any two seasons they would be spring and summer.

They're both great for photography too...although all seasons are wonderful for photography in their own way.

I digress.

But I suppose everything little thing I do is one little step closer to spring (and summer) so I'd better go start taking some mini-steps.