locked in the outhouse

It was a dark summer night in Colorado in August of 2006. We were on a three week trip, camping in various parts of Colorado. We drove into a campsite about 40 miles away from Steamboat Springs (I don't remember the name of the park) around 8pm. We had reserved a campsite earlier, but when we arrived at our assigned spot, someone else's tent was already set up. We decided it was too late to do anything about it and decided to find another spot in the campground for that night.

It was really crowded that night, and it took us about 30 minutes or so to find another spot in the (large) park.
When we finally found a spot, we set up the tent, threw in the sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets (it was COLD!), and started some dinner.

While we were making s'mores (it was about 9 or 9:30pm), I had to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately, in almost all the campgrounds we had previously stayed in - this one included - there were only outhouses (which of course meant no shower or sink. It was...interesting), and the closest outhouse "station" was about a 5-10 minute walk away. I grabbed a sweater and my flashlight and set off.

When I finally got there, I really had to go. There were two outhouses. The right one was occupied, so I went into the left.

I have to clarify something for a minute - these were not like public restrooms, where there are just little walls and you can crawl underneath them if need be. These outhouses were small rooms. They had concrete walls, a sturdy metal door, and a small (barred) window. Oh, and no light, which is why I had my flashlight. They were seriously like prisons cells (not that I've ever been in a prison cell...ahem), but they were sturdy to keep the wild animals from getting in. Back to my story.

Anyway, I went into the left "room", as the right one was occupied. I turned on my flashlight - it was pitch black in there - and turned around to lock the door. Well, it was hard to lock the door. I actually had to use BOTH hands to securely get locked.
I did my business and went to unlock the door.

It wouldn't come unlocked. Gulp.

I tried banging the end of my flashlight on the steel thing to get it to open easier, but it didn't budge. I was hitting the dumb lock for maybe 5-10 minutes before I gave up. There were actually people outside - I could hear them - but I didn't want to act like an idiot and start yelling. Especially when there wasn't much they could do to help. Could you imagine? "Hey! HEY! HEY!!! I'm locked in the outhouse!!!! In here!" *Cue banging on door*

Um, no.

I looked around the "room" in desperation, seeing if there was ANY other way out. There wasn't. I was really starting to freak out and was on the verge of tears. It may seem a little silly, but how would you like to be locked in a dark outhouse in the middle of nowhere (well, there were people all over the campsite) at 10pm (or so)?! It was freaky.

I figured sooner or later someone in my family would realize I'd been gone for awhile and come check on me. So I waited for someone come. And waited. And waited. Finally I heard my mom's voice.
"Wusi? (My nickname) Are you there?"
"Mom! Mom! I'm locked in here!" I wailed through the door.
My mom tried to get the door open, but to no avail, as I had obviously locked the door. Ahem.

A maintenance guy walked by and she asked him if there was a key to the outhouse. He said there wasn't. Great. It was up to me to get myself out of there.

My mom told me to try banging my flashlight on the lock again. I was a little scared to do it again, as it was my only source of light. If I accidentally broke it, I wouldn't be able to see. But I was desperate (Ha. I'm laughing as I type this. I was desperate. In a locked outhouse. Sad.), and so I tried it. Again and again and again I banged my flashlight on that darn lock. Finally, finally the door flew open - and I almost fell down.

My mom and I walked back to the rest of my family. I think they had a hard time holding back their laughter as I told them...but we can all enjoy a good laugh over it now (myself included).

Lesson learned: If a lock does not lock easily, do not force it shut! Needless to say, I went in the other "room" every time after that.


PS Feel free to laugh...I don't mind :)