on daffodils, sugar, and rosebuds

1. I have been thinking about giving up sugar for a week or so. I'm not sure I could do it...but I guess it would make it a lot easier if there were no candy in the house like now...I want to give it up (at least for a little while) but I don't know if I'm strong enough! :) I was just about ready to give it up...then I saw this recipe. Sigh.

2. I'm ecstatic that spring is finally arriving. The rose bushes and daffodils are budding... I am so tired of winter. In case you didn't, you know, guess that already. And when spring comes, that means summer is closer... yay :)

3. I think the people who invented Latin must have been on drugs or something equally brain-destructive. Seriously, guys? All those different, confusing endings? Sheesh.
Latin is evil. Very, very evil. I strongly suggest you never become acquainted with it. ;)

4. I think I'm becoming even more addicted to blogging. I'm obsessed. Please tell me I'm not alone!
I can't believe that in the three years I've had this blog, I only posted everyday the past five months. Before it was an average of about 4-5 posts a month. At the most. I must have been crazy...

5. On Sunday I have to play the piano for the children's choir (I'm not in it - they just needed me to play the piano)...eek. I've never played for a choir before...wish me luck!