spring is addicting

1. I think I'm addicted to taking pictures of flowers (I don't even know the names of the flowers I take pictures of (except daffodils). Is that bad?). No, wait. Scratch that. I'm addicted to spring.

2. I like lists. They're organized and neat (most of the time, anyway). I like lists in the form of blog posts, too.

3. I noticed today how extremely white I am. I'll spare you pictures, but it ain't pretty. Why can't we be back in the 1800s? White skin was all the rage...and yep, I'd probably have some of the whitest skin. But, I suppose being white is better than being sunburned. Sometimes my blonde hair and green eyes are a curse. 

4. I have to send my laptop in. Boo. I've been having trouble with my display...there are horizontal and vertical lines all over the screen and the colors are messed up (when you have it a certain way). I don't really want to send it in - it's going to be a major pain - but at least it's happening now while I'm still under warranty.

5. It bugs me when apostrophes are misused. Just FYI.

6. I can't wait until the roses start blooming (the photo below is of the's making progress!). The roses go over our front door, and they're really pretty.

7. Speaking of our front door, it's almost been a year since we saw our house for the first time. Wow. It's been a ton of work, but definitely worth it.

8. Our bathroom is almost finished. All that's left is finishing putting up the wainscoting, grout the tile in the shower area, and putting in the sink and toilet. We're hoping to at least get the sink and toilet in this week, as our friend that's been helping us with this project has surgery scheduled for Friday. If that could get done we could do the rest by ourselves...I put a post up of the progress with pictures soon.

9. Homework is calling my name (not that I really want to listen...). Grr.