did you know...

...that according to Bohr, the electrons for each atom are found in energy levels?

...that there are three isotopes of helium (H-4, H-3, and H-5)?

...that the mass of a proton is 1.7 x 1024 g?

...that all the elements, excluding hydrogen, in column 1A of The Periodic Table Of Elements are soft metals and are highly reactive?

...that the outer energy level never has more than eight electrons?

Yeah, me neither.

(Granted, there may be science experts reading this and probably know all this information. I am most definitely NOT a science expert. Which is why I didn't know this before science class today.)

The wonderful world of science. Although, the world of science can be quite evil, as it makes me want to pull out my hair at times (Oh, who am I kidding. It makes me want to pull out my hair ALL the time.).

Happy Monday!