Meet our cat, Patches (We've had her for about a year and a half, but I realized I haven't really posted about her before).
On MeMe's 5th birthday (Sept 2008), some friends of ours slept over. The next morning we saw a tiny, malnourished, timid kitten running around the garage.

We tried to coax her to come to us to no avail. We left out some food and hoped for the best.

Later that night, as we were eating dinner, we thought about a name for her if she did stay with us. We came up with Patches. 

Over the next few weeks, she stuck around. We fed her and gradually she became less timid, until she let us hold her.

Now, Patches is one and a half and such a sweet cat! She still is a little timid, but she lets us hold her. She loves to tease's pretty hilarious.

Do you have any cats?