happy in my new shoes

1. I am FINISHED with science for the summer (except for one exam)!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay times 1,000,000,000.

2. I went shopping for shoes again today...and I was successful! (Read about my shoe sorrows here) I got these shoes. I was actually hoping for some wedges, but I saw those shoes and couldn't resist. When we go to Germany in September I'll get some wedges...last time we were there they had a TON for 5 Euros (roughly six dollars) 
I also an adorable purse - see above picture. (it had been a while...I had primer on my old purse and it was looking a bit raggedy...).

3. It thunder stormed today...yay!

4. Along the lines of number 3, I'm writing this post from the basement as we're done here because of multiple tornado warnings in our area. Thank goodness for laptops and wireless internet! 

5. MeMe lost her first tooth today (Can you see the hole in the middle of her bottom teeth?). She actually first discovered it was loose last was already ready to fall out. This morning while eating an orange, it came right out!

6. Lilly did push ups today...she was much better than I am! I am hopeless when it comes to arm strength. I think she made it to "15"...counting "1, 2, 4, 9, 15"

7. I love celery. That is all.

8. My first blog hop was a success in my opinion...4 links on the first time isn't bad at all. It's still open, so if you want to write a Happiness Is post, by all means, please do!

Edited to add: I've been having some problems with my if you left a comment and it didn't ever show up, that's why. I'm not rejecting your comments :)

Signing off from stormy Oklahoma,