in which i talk write a lot

I hope you don't mind that this post goes all over the place...

On Saturday I had (another) piano competition. I played two songs (both got the highest rating, of which only 6 are given out), and one of them got chosen for the overall winner. To say I was stunned is understated. On Tuesday night there's an award ceremony (where I have to play my winning piece again, but in front of an audience instead of in front of a judge), and I'm going to be interviewed/have my picture in the newspaper. I honestly didn't think my playing was that great! :)

Today I had my confirmation exam...I passed! I'm officially D-O-N-E with the learning part...all I have left is my actual confirmation (May 23rd), which should be a breeze. But what's not going to be a breeze is finding a dress. Seriously. NOTHING fits. Being skinny is a curse. My mom and I may resort to making one ourselves. (Suggestions?)

Along the lines (sort of) of being skinny, I've been considering becoming a vegetarian. I don't generally like meat, but there are a few things (bacon - as long is there isn't any fat on it - and turkey/ham on sandwiches) I will and do eat. And I don't know if I could give that up.
Becoming a vegetarian wouldn't necessarily be for health would definitely NOT be to lose weight...on the contrary, I would love to gain 10 pounds! But I suppose I should be happy that I don't have to worry about losing 10 years I'll probably wish I still had the same problem. I digress.
I actually like the taste of meat, but it's the thought of eating a dead animal (and its muscles, no less) that sort of grosses me out.

I can't believe it's almost summer (although we'll probably have to do a little school, as we won't get it all finished before the school year ends). On Wednesday it's getting up to NINETY. I'm not sure I'm quite ready for the heat yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to not being so overloaded with homework! Now if I can just get through finals...

I've been struggling with my blog lately (one of the reasons I didn't post much over the weekend), for two reasons.
1. I'm starting to feel like I post too many pictures and I don't write enough (hence this wordy post)...but it really does depend on you, my lovely readers :) I would love your honest opinion - would you like me to write more? Are you bored with me just posting mainly pictures?
2. I was getting too wrapped up in numbers. I was getting too focused on just getting lots of followers and comments. While followers make my day week, and I absolutely love comments, I need to quit worrying about how many people read my blog. (Besides, I can't force people into reading it either) But don't get me wrong, I'm not discouraging you following/commenting. The problem is entirely in myself. I know I would have so much more fun blogging without having to fret over what will bring in new people. I'm still in school, for pete's sakes.

On a lighter note, we're leaving for Germany four months from Thursday! It still seems like a long time away, but it's definitely getting closer.

Alright, I need to get my rear end into science class...if you made it this far, kudos to you!
I'm going to be posting some pictures from this weekend later today :)