mother's day & truffles

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers! You guys do SO much...much more than what meets the eye. On the (rare) occasions my mom goes out of town, I'm the one who does pretty much everything, and I've experienced how stressful it can be! Between dressing kids, cooking, planning, organizing...there an incredible amount of tasks that moms do everyday without complaint.

My gift to my mom was truffles.
These truffles are extremely decadent. I used this recipe, but I created my own concoction to roll them in - some ground coffee beans, cocoa powder, and some vanilla sugar (heavy on the coffee beans to make the flavor really come out). I tried a small one before giving them to my mom (Ha!)...I really had to restrain myself from eating all of them. Whoever thought of mixing chocolate and coffee together was an absolute genius. 
Contrary to popular belief, truffles are incredibly simple to make. Basically all you do is bring some heavy cream to a simmer, pour over some chocolate, and add a bit of vanilla. That's it. (Just FYI, this recipe isn't very sweet at all - the main sweetening comes from the chocolate. Of course you could always add sugar if you would like to.)
The best thing about these is that they taste very sophisticated and could serve these are at a party and people would think that you're a master chef when all you did was pour some cream over chocolate. Excuse me while I devise a plan to get some of my mom's. :)

Here's to all the wonderful mothers!