This week's Raw(e) theme is automotive. I had a hard time getting a picture (because of my too high standards)...I couldn't bring myself to just take a picture of any car...I had my heart set on getting an old car. Preferably from the 50s or 60s. (That is why this post is up late)
Finally, I got slightly desperate and decided to go on a walk around our neighborhood, with the intentions of trying to find a vintage car. So there I was walking around, when I heard siren after siren after siren. After siren. I had to know what was going on (Because I'm nosy like that...I guess reading all those Nancy Drew books when I was nine did something to me!). I tracked down the sirens, and finally got to the scene, which on a busy street about half a block from our house. There was a nursing home on fire, and there were, I kid not, eleven fire trucks, along with a couple ambulances and a TV reporter. I don't think anyone was seriously hurt, though. I saw one man on a stretcher who was being carried to an ambulance, but when I left - about twenty minutes later - it was still there.

After gawking (Why must we have such a morbid curiosity?! Can you believe I was looking to see injured people? It really bugs me that I'm like that.), I turned around to go home, and there was THE car. An old orange Ford pickup. I guess my curiosity payed off? ;)

I also won Raw(e) last week with my running photo! To say I was happy is an understatement. Anyway, because I won, I get to pick the winner for this week...my automotive picture isn't going to be in the contest (unless I pick my own, which I most definitely will NOT!), but I love Raw(e) too much to miss a week.
I'm looking forward to seeing y'all's photos!

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