tornado tomato

A few days ago there was a severe tornado warning...a tornado touched ground in several places about 50 or so miles away from here. Thankfully nothing happened...the worst was a thunderstorm.
But of course we didn't know that when the warning was issued, so we batted down the hatches and got our basement ready in case of a close by tornado.

MeMe was freaking out...she was so scared that our house would be destroyed. Towards the end of the warning period, Lilly said in a fearful voice, "Is the tomato coming closer?" Ha! 
After the storm, the sky turned freaky...
Everything was fine and there wasn't any damage at all (although five people were killed and there was lots of damage in other towns).

Which brings me to this morning. 

Around five am I was awakened by rain pelting my window. A few minutes later, the wind starting blowing harder and harder - I was honestly afraid it was going to break the windows. Then the tornado sirens went off. I ran downstairs and alerted my parents - with all the wind it was pretty faint. We woke everyone up and ran to the basement. Fifteen minutes later the sirens stopped...we turned on the radio and we found out that the sirens had gone off because of a severe 100 mph winds. I thought it was windy, but I couldn't believe it was 100 mph! (Yep...those Oklahoma plains)
One man that my dad knows got stuck in his apartment because the wind ripped off the roof of a nearby storage shed and slammed it onto his building (no one was hurt).
We're so thankful that everything is alright!

Have you been having crazy weather?