ode to oklahoma weather

Oklahoma weather is so weird. It could seriously be like this one minute...

...and this the next.

A few days ago it was raining pretty heavily and thundering while sunny outside - there wasn't a dark cloud in sight. We've been having a lot of those freak showers lately. 

But when the weather is like that, it makes for some amazing things, though. Yesterday we were at a pool party, when all of a sudden we spotted a multicolored cloud. I'm not talking about the colored clouds at sunsets and sunrises. I'm talking about a cloud that looked like it was a rolled up rainbow. It was amazing. I've never seen anything like that in my life. It looked like a dove, and uncannily like how I envision the Holy Spirit to look. It totally felt like we were in God's presence. Unfortunately, I couldn't take any pictures of it, as I forgot my camera at a friend's house and my point and shoot was at home charging. Can you believe that I actually FORGOT my beautiful D3000?! I was pretty mad at myself. I had to go a whole two days without it (I'm getting it back today). Sniff sniff. I can't wait to be reunited.

I digress.

But as crazy as the weather is here, I love it. I mean, where else does the tornado siren go off three times in two weeks?! ;)

Is there anything special about the weather where you live that you love?


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