blogging pet peeves

I have a lot of them. Maybe I'm just a picky person, but some! They really get me.

- Word verification. If you comment on blogs, you've probably run into it. The random, pesky, nonsensical jumble of letters that must be typed in before you leave a comment. It's so annoying! I usually leave many comments at once, and it just takes so much more time. Especially when the letters aren't legible, which makes you type them incorrectly. Then you get, "The letters you entered don't match the letters in the picture". Gah. Drives me nuts! 

Now, I know the purpose of it - to prevent computer generated spam comments. But I beg you to try taking word verification off your blog. I did so about six months ago and I haven't had a single problem with spam. 
If you'd like to take it off, go to your dashboard (assuming you use Blogger) > settings > comments. Then scroll about three fourths of the way down until you see "Show word verification for comments?" and select no. 

- One long paragraph in blog posts. Break up your paragraphs frequently - it's so much easier to read. When reading one huge block of text, I get lost somewhere in the middle and can't find where I left off...very confusing.

- Comments at the top of the post. Sometimes bloggers have the link to write a comment right under the title of the post...but that means after you read the post you have to scroll back up. Comments belong at the bottom ;)

- Misused apostrophes. This is a grammar issue rather than a blogging one, but it still bugs me nonetheless. I can't stand it when people add an "apostrophe s" when they're talking about something in the plural. 

Let me give an example if that confused you. "I got new shoes today." Shoes is in the plural, which would me that it's correctly written there. But very often the apostrophe gets misused and instead "I got new shoe's today" is written. 

The apostrophe is only used when your talking in the possessive. "The shoe's colors" for example. It would be the colors of the shoe, so that's right. Alright, getting off my grammar soapbox...I always make fun of my dad for being so picky about grammar (I call him the Grammar Nazi ;)) but I suppose I'm not much better. What can I say? Like father, like son daughter.

- Music that turns on automatically. I very often have several blogs open at once, and then read through them one by one. If, say, two or three of them have automatically playing music, it clashes and is just not nice at all. Not to mention, my own music is usually playing. Ugh.

I could go on but I'll spare you...these are some of the things that would turn me off from a blog, though!

What are your blogging pet peeves?