happiness is...

Yep, even though I'm traipsing around Nashville right now, Happiness Is is still happening! I'm will most definitely visit your link ups...I'm going to have access to a computer while I'm there - I just didn't want to deal with writing posts. Which is why I'm scheduling all my posts for this week :)

Want to play along? It's simple. Write a post with two (or more! Maybe you had a good week :)) things that have made you happy this week, with a link to me. Then come back here and link up!

Happiness is...

...a wonderful Forth of July. The skies cleared up, and it turned into a beautiful day. We saw some magnificent fireworks...overall just a lovely day.

...lazy rainy summer days. There's nothing better than curling up with a good book while the rain softly drums on the roof...not having to worry about deadlines or working on projects. Now I want it to rain ;)

What has made you happy this week? Link up and let me know...but most of all, have fun!