miscellany monday

Today I'm joining in the Miscellany Monday fun over at Lowercase Letters (a bit late...ahem). I frequently write my Miscellaneous Ramblings posts, but I always forget to write one on Monday! Well, today, I didn't.

1. I'm still recuperating from my trip to Nashville. I was finally able to catch up on some sleep last night - yay for be able to sleep for 11 hours! :)

2. Where has summer gone?! It's already almost the middle of July. Wasn't it just yesterday that school got out? I have so much to do before August - set up the piano curriculum for my first student (I'm officially becoming a piano teacher the first Monday in August!) and write articles, among many other things. .

3. I snapped this picture a few days ago - I so badly wanted to have a photo shoot there.

4. MeMe, Lilly, and Jeremiah ALL left a comment on my blog today. (Both MeMe and Lilly here - MeMe under her real name, Mariam - and Jeremiah here) My brother has left multiple comments before - you may have seen them - but it was a first that MeMe and Lilly did. I love my siblings :)

5. I absolutely love this photo. It wouldn't be too bad just with the boots - but look in the upper right hand corner. That's my friend Reagan...she decided it would be a perfect time to make a silly face. Oh man...you crack me up, Reagan :)