nashville part two

I'm not trying to be ungrateful of what I have right now, but I keep on wishing I could go back to last week. (Almost) All my friends were with me, it was full of laughing, amazing's crazy how much I miss it. I still remember the schedule - right now I would be in an in-depth session, a class that we took for one hour, three of the five days (I went to one about celebrities). 

But since recreating that experience is not an option, I can only wait until next year - and look at pictures. 

We went to a store that mainly sold boots and cowboy hats. I lived the first nine years of my life on a farm, with horses, goats, dogs and lots and lots of cats (over nineteen at one point!), and the smell of leather and boot polish brought back so many wonderful, happy memories. I wanted to bottle the scent and bring back with me.

We stopped at the famous Ryman Auditorium - where the Grand Old Opry got its start. Is that usher's music suit not the coolest thing?!

That apartment building doesn't look very special, does it? The resident of the top floor is Taylor Swift! The driver of the bus we took the tour on said he'd seen her a few times walking around the area. 

You knew I couldn't resist...I'm total flower junky. Remember

One thing I loved about Nashville was how historic the buildings downtown are - many of them are from the 1800s. I know that's not nearly as old as most buildings in Europe (The church in the town where my grandparents live was built in the 1300s!), it's still pretty impressive. Nashville recuperated so quickly from the flood that devastated the city in May. Some buildings were eight feet underwater - but there was almost no evidence that something so terrible had happened.

The capital. Call me uneducated, but I had forgotten that Nashville is the capital of Tennessee...their building is truly magnificent.

Have you been to Nashville? Or maybe Tennesssee? 

Just think of the fun you'll have on my blog this time next year...more conference/sightseeing recaps! Of course, it'll be in a different location then, but still. Yipee! ;)