miscellaneous ramblings

1. school. I'm starting everything except for biology and geometry on August 25th. The other two I'm taking in online classes, and they start September 7 - when we'll be flying to Germany. So I'm going to have to miss the very first class of both...gah. Thank goodness for archives, though.
I seriously can't believe school is this close!

When does school start for you?

2. blogging help. In my last post, I got some questions in the comments. Since they're both super easy, I'm just going to answer them here.

To add a "continue reading" button to a post:

You're going to have to switch into the updated editor, if you haven't already. Go to your dashboard > settings. Scroll down all the way, and there will be a little section that lets you pick the editor. Click on "updated editor" and hit save. Now, go to your post where you want to add the "continue reading" button. Select the place you want it. In the tool bar where you can edit fonts, etc, in the post, between the movie sign and the place where you can choose if text is aligned to the right, center, or left, there will be a page symbol with a jagged tear in the middle. Click on that and you now have a page break :)

To make photos larger in a post:

You're going to have to switch into the updated editor, like in the above tip. Upload your photos like normal, then click on them. A toolbar will pop up that lets you choose the size. I use x-large, but you may have to use a smaller size depending on the width of your blog.

3. tortilla chips and ketchup. Sounds disgusting, no? It's insanely delicious. I discovered this unlikely combination when I was about three or so. I saw all the adults eating chips and salsa, but the latter was too spicy for me. So I randomly tried ketchup. Ahhh, a match made in heaven. Try it sometime. ;)

4. welcome. Welcome to all my new readers! I've gotten 54 followers in about a week. Insane. I assume it's on account of the giveaway, but it was already going off the charts before. Crazy. Anyway, I'm so glad you're here...and I sincerely hope you don't "unfollow" once the giveaway is over ;)

5. speaking of the giveaway... Have you entered yet? If you haven't, now's your chance! It runs until tomorrow night.

6. the globe. Sometimes I wish I could travel all around it (ahem, not the model globe...the real thing). I could be Carlotta, the traveling girl photographer and blogger! ;) But seriously, that would be amazing. Even though I hate flying. But I'd conquer my fear of riding so high if I could travel to exotic places. I think.