miscellaneous ramblings

1. four days. Normally I leave the countdown until somewhere in the middle of a Miscellaneous Ramblings post...but come on. When our trip to Germany is only four days away, how can it be left in the middle?! Really. 

2. airheads. This candy makes me happy. My brother was trying to steal a bite all through the taking of these photos. I gave him a little afterwards for being such a good red backdrop in the bottom photo ;)
What's your favorite kind of candy?

(Kudos to those of you who answer that question. Because I couldn't.)

3. i need your help. Yep, I do! What I need your help with - my friend mentioned to me that she couldn't see any of the photos in my post (due to me hosting them through Imgur). For this post, I uploaded them with Blogger. Here's where you come in: have you not been able to see my photos? Does a little red broken link box show instead? You can test on yesterday's post - those photos were uploaded through Imgur. If you could do this, I would be eternally grateful.

When I typed those last two words, I thought of Toy Story. "You have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful." You know, what the alien triplets say to Mr. Potato Head. I love those aliens. Especially in Toy Story 2, when they help drive the pizza delivery truck. If you haven't seen Toy Story, you should watch the series. Movies 2 and 3 were my favorite :)

Sorry, I'm digressing. Again.

4. i'm going to miss sarge. I will! I wish we could take him with us on our trip, but it's not really worth to go through all the fuss and expense. He'd probably hate it anyway. At least he has our house sitter to keep him company ;)

5. meme. I don't know what it is, but my siblings have been coming up with all this crazy stuff lately (particularly MeMe and Lilly). A few nights ago I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed, and I overheard MeMe talking to my mom. She said, "Mom, I really think I'm more of a lady now. I mean, come on! I don't laugh at disgusting things anymore and I'm really liking fashion lately."
I had to slap my hand over my mouth to keep from bursting into laughter.

But in all seriousness, I know where she's got that. She got it from me. She's always seeing me perfecting my hair, making sure my make up is just right. She's seen me discard clothing as "little girlish" countless times, whether it be at a store or at home.
Sometimes I think it must be really hard to have an older sister living with you all the time (I have two older sisters but they live in Germany...I've never lived with them). I know she's frustrated that she can't do the same things I do, dress the way I do. Her time will come, but for now? I feel sorry for her. Because I used to be that little girl. I used to practically idolize everyone over the age of 12. And I remember feeling desperate, just wanting to grow up. I want her to cherish being a little girl, though. After all, you're only six going on seven once in your life.

6. silhouettes. I've always loved them. They're so simple but beautiful at the same time. I realize I could have done better when it comes to this photo, but it's the best I've got right now :)