scavenger hunt sunday

Today I'm participating in Scavenger Hunt Sunday...I played along a few weeks ago, the day before we left for Germany, so I thought I'd play again today :)


1. Wish or dream. I got this shot of Lilly intently watching cows getting milked at a dairy, but I love the wishful look on her face.


2. Clean. One of my desk drawers after organizing it. This may still look a little chaotic, but believe me, it's waaay better than the before. ;)


3. Currency. This may not look like normal money to some, but in my house? Airheads are probably equivalent to thousand dollar bills. Okay, yes, I often occasionally succumb to bribing my siblings. Especially when it comes to getting their photo taken. Hehe.

the lovebirds :)

4. Pair. My grandma and grandpa before leaving to go to their 50th wedding anniversary celebration :)


5. Square. (One of) the town squares, of course! The store with its door wide open is the ice cream store...they have the best ice cream ever. Hands down.

Happy Sunday!


PS I noticed I hit 400 followers! Seriously?! Y'all are the best. :) Welcome to my new readers!