Lately I've felt a bit uninspired when it comes to blogging.

You know those times when your head is filled with so many ideas you could write ten blog posts a day? I experienced that a few weeks ago. Now? I'm pretty much the opposite.

Blame it on the rainy, cold weather (which means it's hard to go places so I can take pictures), blame it on writer's block...but when you don't have any ideas, then you don't have any ideas.

So instead of wracking my brain trying to come up with a halfway decent post, I decided to work on my blog design. I've rewritten my about me page, tried to figure out a two column design and went back to a three column, since the formatting didn't want to like me, redid my header, and moved around some things in the sidebars. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions? I'm still tweaking everything a bit, but overall I'm fairly pleased by the outcome.

(And my header was sibling approved...if that's worth anything ;))

Have a wonderful day! I'm off to get my hair cut :)