miscellaneous ramblings

1. by the time you read this... I should be in Paris! Well almost. We get in at 1:30pm (6:30am CST). I'm so super pumped for the pictures I can take in Paris! (Alliteration, anyone?) Even though our hotel has internet access, I'm not taking my laptop for two reasons: I'm afraid of it being stolen and I'm packing light. So, I've scheduled some posts for y'all while I'm not here. I've also turned off comment moderation, so please be nice! :) My brother will be taking care of my blog while I'm gone.
Since I probably won't be on a computer for two and a half days, I won't be able to read any of your lovely blogs...but I will catch up when I get back! :)

2. dahlias. Have I ever mentioned they're my favorite flower? I. love. them. So pretty.

3. vertical vs horizontal. Regarding photos, I mean. Do you prefer picture vertical or horizontal? Personally, I prefer them horizontal. I find the size more versatile and pleasing to the eye. What abour you?

4. project 365. I am woefully behind. It's sad, really. I have all the photos, but it takes so much time to go through them. And find out what pictures were taken on what days. It makes my head spin.

But then again, I think the word I was really looking for in the above sentences is lazy. That's what my real problem is.

5. so cute. When I got my hair cut (Yes, I know...I need to get pictures of my cut up. It's nothing dramatic, though, but since you asked, I aim to please), the stylist decided she wanted to brush Lilly's hair too. Out came the little booster chair and up went Lilly. It was so adorable how quiet and content she was.

I just noticed something. I just stated that I like horizontal photos better than vertical ones. And then I go right ahead and post a vertical photo. I'm a walking contradiction.

6. brothers. While leaning out of the third story window a few mornings ago, Jeremiah exclaimed, "Aw man, now that I lost my tooth I can't spit right anymore!" Like I needed that valuablei nformation. Please tell me that I'm not the only one stuck with a boy like this...brothers

(I still love you, though, J ;))

7. a magical floating island. Okay, maybe not quite. But when I spotted this island in the middle of a botanical garden, I couldn't resist capturing it with my camera. It looked so magical.

8. my new fave. Fresh lettuce and tomatoes, gouda cheese, butter, and tsatsiki on lightly toasted bread. So yummy. It's what I've eaten for dinner the past two nights. And for a couple lunches as well. I'm a bit obsessed.

9. it's october. Really?! September FLEW by. It went a bit too fast in my opinion. But, even though I don't really care for cold weather, I have Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to :)