scavenger hunt sunday

I'm hopping on the Scavenger Hunt Sunday bandwagon again - it's so fun! You should give it a try sometime...there's something so satisfying about looking for specific photos.

self portrait

1. Side lighting. I dug this one out of my archives, but there's something I love about this photo (it's in my header as well). Yes, I don't have a head, but still.

lilly's pumpkin

2. Jack o' Lantern. This may not be your traditional jack o' lantern...but it's a face on a pumpkin! Lilly created this lovely masterpiece - the face reminds me of Sponge Bob some how. Ha.

I played around with some textures and effects while editing this photo...what do you think?

3. Faces formed in nature. I realize this one is a stretch, but I couldn't find a face already in nature! So, using some supplies I found outside (berries, a leaf, and a piece of dried grass), I made my own face. I shall call him Billy Bob Joe. ;)


4. Sunset. I got this one out of the archives as well, as we haven't been having a lot of spectacular sunsets here recently. This was taken in Germany one night. It had been raining all day, but in the evening the sun, providing a gorgeous sky. So pretty.

my warm, amazing, comfy bed

5. Warm. The blankets on my bed. And yes, it's unmade on purpose. I kind of like the look of slightly messy beds.

On a side note, I have a huge favor to ask of you. I entered a photo in a PBTeen photography contest, and need all the votes (or "likes") I can get! The winner of the contest receives a $200 gift certificate and their photo gets made into a wall mural for the store. If you would kindly head on over here and vote for my picture, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thank you so much!

Happy Sunday!