Today I'm thinking.

Thinking about how delightful the sound of rain steadily drumming on the roof is.

pink :)

Thinking about pink. (My entry for the I Heart Faces pink photo challenge)

Thinking about photography. Things are really falling into place right now, everything paving the way to hopefully someday being a professional. I'll share more about everything that's opening up at some point... :)

Thinking about how glad I am to have my biology project over with.

fall leaves

Thinking about fall and all its beauty.

Thinking about how I really need to get more sleep at night. Which means going to bed earlier, but I always have so much to do in the evening! I need to spread things around better...

Thinking about my siblings. They seriously crack me up. Jeremiah told me recently that I "express myself too much". What is that supposed to mean? Ha.

Thinking about Taylor Swift. Her new album, Speak Now, came out yesterday and I'm smitten. While I readily admit she's not the greatest singer in the world, I still adore her. And I admire that she writes all her own songs.

self portrait

Thinking that self portraits aren't all that bad. I really don't like having my picture taken/taking pictures of myself. I prefer hiding behind the camera ;) But I like my eyes in this one.

Thinking about my blog design. I like it how it is now, but do you think I should change it up a bit to make it more fallish?

Thinking about all the wonderful entries in my photo challenge. I don't ever know how I'm going to pick a winner! You still have plenty of time to submit a photo if you'd like to.

What are you thinking about? I'd love to hear all the random tidbits floating around in your brain :)