Confession: I was so inspired last night and wanted so badly to write a blog post, but there was such a ridiculous amount of ideas and words swirling around my brain I couldn't form a coherent thought.

Confession: I like change. Which is why I put up a new header - I can't keep the same one for more than a month! ;) What do you think?

Confession: I've taken all of five photographs since Saturday.

Confession: I have a biology essay due by midnight tomorrow, Friday, and I've barely started.

Confession: Thanksgiving break can't come soon enough. I can't wait for a whole week of blank space in my planner. I'm going to relish the free time, letting the crevices of my body that just need a break be replenished. I'm going to soak up the blank calender dates like it's water quenching my thirst.

Confession: I got asked where I go to college the other day. When I responded I was still in high school, the guy looked shocked. Do I look like I could go to college? Seriously people.

Confession: I loathe geometry. I'm never going to understand proofs.

Confession: I fight with my family too much. And I'm not proud of it.

Confession: I need to learn to take life a day at a time. I have to stop rushing and take a minute to enjoy creation, to cherish the hours in every day.

Confession: I need to get more sleep. It took me thirty minutes to drag myself out of bed this morning. When I finally made it downstairs, I curled up on the couch under a blanket with Lilly and dozed off again.

Confession: I'm convinced that American Eagle sweatpants are the most comfortable piece of clothing every made.

Confession: I eat way too many chocolate chip cookies.

Confession: I really miss Europe.

Confession: I'm enamored with the fall foliage on our street.


Do you have something to confess? It really does feel good to get it off your chest :)