I need to make a confession.

We're not really huge Thanksgiving people. Sure, we observe it, but we don't go all out like some.

Blame it on the fact that both my parents were born in Germany, but it's never been a huge deal for us. In fact, we had our Thanksgiving dinner last night. And in lieu of turkey, we had roast chicken. Today we'll just have desserts...I'm making cinnamon rolls and a chocolate pie. Hey, we like to do things our own way ;)

But Thanksgiving isn't really about when and how you eat a feast. It's about being thankful for the many blessings we all have. Like having warm beds to sleep in, food filling our stomachs, and a roof over our head. While these things might seem so basic, something so easy to take for granted, there are so many in this world that don't have them. Children with bloated bellies, hunger in their eyes. People sleeping under whatever they can find in the street.

This Thanksgiving, I'm truly thankful for what I have.

A loving Savior who died for our sins.

My family.

Wonderful friends.

Adorable, sweet pets.

A camera to capture memories.

A laptop to write this.

Delicious food.

The rhythmic pattering of rain, interrupted by thunder and lightning.


Being able to travel around the world.

Knitting. (Yes, I know it sounds rather old lady like, but it's so soothing. It takes away stress and tension, and it's the perfect thing to do while watching a movie. Try it sometime.)

Starbucks. I'm really loving their Double Chocolate Chip frappuccinos right now...

And if I'm going to list Starbucks, I might as well throw in Target as well.

Siblings that make me laugh.

I could go on and on. These are just a very small fraction of everything I'm so incredibly blessed with. What are you thankful for?


Happy Thanksgiving!