christmas recap

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. There's something so magical about this time of year - everyone slows down and enjoys life while Christmas songs are being crooned over the stereo. I love it.

This year did not disappoint. After a big dinner on Christmas Eve, we went to the 11pm candlelight service, my favorite service of the whole year. It's filled with lots and lots of singing and, of course, candles. I adore it.
The next morning, we went to church again, having been there only nine hours before. Afterwards, it was time to open presents.


(This was my present to MeMe...I was rather proud of the wrapping)


Much to the chagrin of my siblings, I made them wait a few seconds longer while I photographed the wrapped presents before their pretty packaging was ripped off. It probably seemed like an eternity to them at the time, but they got over it ;)

japanese masking tape

(one of my presents - Japanese masking tape)

lightroom box :)

(Lightroom! I had been using the trial version, but it expired a few weeks ago. My parents surprised me by buying me the full version! I'm one happy girl.)


After the multitude of presents were unwrapped (which consequently left the living room a disaster despite our best efforts), the rest of the day was spent playing with new things and laughing until we cried. It was a good day.

How was your Christmas? Did you get anything special? Do tell!