winter beauty

snowy leaf

solitary red leaf
zebra striped stick
heart shaped snow
red leaf
snowy berries

Even though I don't care for the cold (though it is nice to sit by the fire with some hot chocolate when it's cold outside), I've grown to become rather fond of winter. The earthy greys and browns, broken up by pops of red from berries, cardinals, and the occasional colorful leaf still left from fall.

There may not be much that meets the eye at first, but when you get up close to nature, it's easy to see the beauty, even if that beauty might be shriveled up and dead. And then when it snows, the dark landscape is transformed into a snowy white wonderland. Everything is transformed, from branches laden with snow to the tiniest speck of grass.

Though winter can't possible replace the soft beauty of spring, it's still breathtaking.

How do you feel about winter?