awkward and awesome thursday.


The fact that I ate one third of a package of Oreos in one sitting.

All the schools in our area have been out since last Tuesday because of the snow. Not including weekends, that's eight consecutive days without schools. Seriously?!

When you wave back at someone and then realize they were waving at a person behind you.

awkward much?

This picture. Can you say awkward? What the heck am I doing, you ask? I'm just doing my best "Oh yeah!" impersonation, that's what. And not a very good one at that ;)

A song that my friend and I wrote when we were probably nine or ten. We just rediscovered it and I about died laughing. Are you ready for it's awkwardness? My personal favorite is the last verse..
"You ate my cheerios, you ate my Oreos, so take my trash out! You ate the dashboard in my car, you ate the tires but that's not all, take my trash out! If you eat all of my scarves, I guarantee you're gonna barf, so take my trash out! You ate my pots, you ate my pans, you ate some spinach from a can, so take my trash out! You ate my chairs, now they're not there, so take my trash out! You ate my spam, you ate my man, stop chewing on my crayons! Take my trash out! You are so fat, like a huge brown rat! None of your clothes fit, so stop eating! Sit! Relax, take a bath, but first...
Ahem. Yes.

Falling out of bed. Or rather, make that slipping out of bed. I was trying to be all cool (Actually, I was afraid something would grab my foot from under my bed. I know. Childish. But it's still something I fear.) last night and jumped onto my bed. My foot promptly slipped on my bedding and I crashed to the (hardwood) floor. Ouch.


Getting in the car for the first time in a week and a half. The roads have been awful - still from the snow - and my mom didn't feel comfortable driving. It was heavenly to see people other than family ;)

On said leaving-the-house-for-the-first-time-in-over-a-week excursion, we went to both Target and the library. Love.

These shoes. Swoon. (find them here

It's the weekend for me. Very happy about that :)

An impromptu French lesson while cleaning up the kitchen.

The Girl Scout cookies we bought today. 

The fact that I'm writing this sitting by a roaring fire and watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

the little ballerina {38/365}

My new favorite photograph of Lilly.

How Lilly did a perfect imitation of Ken (i.e., Barbie and Ken) at the dinner table, complete with the arched eyebrows. Hilarious.

What's been awkward and/or awesome for you?