favorite things about today.

Some of my favorite things about today...

an orange

...the perfectly juicy orange I had for lunch.

...the birth sweet Levi Ryan, the new son of dear friends of ours. He was actually born yesterday, but the thought of it filled me with joy today. I had the pleasure of holding him yesterday while he was only a few hours old. I was giddy with happiness. There's nothing like cradling a tiny newborn in your arms.

our reflection
(our reflection in a mirror affixed to the ceiling)

...going to a local park to the afternoon. I found a mirror mounted on the ceiling in a teacher garden center and got a bit snap happy ;)

...daylight savings time. The extra hour of daylight in the evening is the best.

strawberry smoothie

...a strawberry smoothie.

...the sun. I always seem to have good days when it's sunny.

relaxing in the sunroom
(I should do something about that nail polish. And my toes are creepy.)
...relaxing in the sunroom. And okay, I was doing some biology homework, but that's okay ;)

afternoon sunlight in my room.

...the afternoon sunlight streaming into my room.

What were some favorite things about your day?