miscellaneous ramblings.

i missed you.
My blogging break has come to a close and I'm ecstatic to be back. You don't know how much I missed y'all! However, I'm thankful for the time off. I was beginning to suffer from blogging burnout and it was losing its fun. During my hiatus I was able to renew inspiration and am now greatly refreshed.

While I'm on the topic of blogging, I'd like to put a little word in about sponsoring. I've been neglecting that little advertisement button and want to reintroduce it. When the option first became available, I set the price far too high, a mistake of naivety. The price per month has drastically dropped, less that half of what it originally was. Now, for a mere eight dollars per month (or twenty for three months), you can advertise on pastor's girl's ponderings. If you're interested, please email me for more information.


pearls are my favorite.
Pearls are my new favorite accessory. They conjure up an image of a housewife in the nineteen fifties vacuuming her home in heels, a perfect dress, and a strand of pearls adoring her neck. It evokes thoughts of sophistication, of elegance, of flowy, whimsy dresses. When I wear the pearl bracelet above and my pearl studs, I feel a little fancier and my ordinary outfit becomes more special. 

come back, spring.
It seems that just when we were getting used to dreamy weather filled with piercing azure skies, warm rays of sunshine, and deliciously soft temperatures, winter decided to taunt and tease us by returning. And so we were plunged back into grey, drizzly, bone-chilling days, leaving everyone with no choice but to reluctantly pull out the winter coats and pile comforters on the beds. I love a dreary days every once in a while, but I'm a girl that needs โ€“ craves โ€“ her warm sunshine.
But for now, I suppose I'll be content gazing at the springy photographs I took last week.


Please come back, spring! 

the travel bug.

Personalized I Left My Heart In 8x10 Inch Art Print. French. France. Europe. Country. Map. Customized. Choose Your City.
The itch to journey somewhere has been strong lately. Whether it be a weekend camping trip or a few days in another city, adventure and a little change is what I'm looking for. A new place to explore, different things to photograph...I've got a bad case of the travel bug.

a good book and some ice cream.

ice cream & a book.


hand stitched love.
Inspired by this amazing Etsy shop, I embroidered a camera of my own design onto some fabric. Sure, some of the lines are a bit crooked and the circles aren't perfect, but it provides just the right amount of kitsch and quirk. I'm smitten. 

my newest project

What do you think?

little miss pioneer.
Ever since she began reading the Little House on the Prairie series (one of my old favorites), MeMe has been head over heels in love in all things pioneer. She built a house in the bushes in our backyard, complete with a kitchen and an escape plan โ€“ courtesy of Jeremiah. It's positively adorable.

pioneer meme
(wearing the dress my mom made me when I was her age)
It's good to be back. Oh, so good. How have you been? I feel like I've missed so much in my time away ;)


PS The frequently asked questions page will be up in the next few days!