the weekend.

spring blossoms
crystal perfume bottles
outfit: top (that's actually striped, though it doesn't look it ;)) - Target, necklace - Barberry and Lace, bracelet - my mom's, belt - thrifted, jeggings - American Eagle, sandals - Academy 
red bud
at anthropologie
at Anthropologie...this giant mirror beckoned me to come and photograph it.
Weekends are a two day oasis. A break from the hustle and bustle of the week, they are woven together with threads consisting of family, food, fun, and some rest. If this criteria were written on a piece of paper, a neat row of check marks would adorn the list after this weekend. Filled with spring blossoms, blue skies, shopping, family, and church, my two day oasis spelled perfection. Though Saturday and Sunday seem to vanish as quickly as they come, often leaving us wishing the work week didn't have to start anew, I'm trying to cherish the every precious moment and not whine about how fast the weekend goes by. I'm grateful that we have a little break at all. I'm grateful that I have a school to attend, places to go, friends to laugh with, family to love, delicious food to eat, full, pink blossoms to gaze at. I'm grateful for life and all that's in it. And I'm grateful for weekends.

How was your weekend? Do tell!