confession: I've been craving homemade doughnuts recently. That can't be healthy, can it?

confession: I'm currently studying the book of Revelation and I'm utterly fascinated. It's a book that I've always been a bit frightened of, but once you understand how to interpret it, it's a whole other story.

confession: until today, I've never been able to capture a butterfly with my camera. But now, I finally, finally have.


confession: procrastination is an ongoing battle. Even when all the tasks I need to complete are all neatly written out in my planner, I still leave things until the last minute. Sigh.

my fishtail braid {97/365}

confession: when I find a hair style I love, I'll wear it every single day until I tire of it. Hence, the many sidebraid/fishtail braids and high buns. Actually, this is true with nearly everything, from music to clothing to colors...oh dear.

confession: flying is not exactly my favorite...but seeing this video makes me want to love it more. Stunning.

confession: speaking of flying, one of my biggest irrational fears is the plane I'm on crashing in the middle of the ocean, with me being the only survivor. Shudder. I breathe a sigh of relief every time we've safely flown across the ocean.

confession: I really don't like Lord of the Rings. Or Star Wars. Or Narnia. I know.


confession: dinner out on the patio makes me incredibly happy.

confession: I've been requested a lot recently to put up a tutorial on how I do my makeup. While I appreciate that y'all like how I do it, I struggle with how egocentric it would be. And makeup isn't the only thing...outfit posts are incredibly narcissistic. While I most certainly love fashion and creating outfits, by posting so many  outfit pictures, I'm just drawing attention to myself. Basically, I just don't feel comfortable doing a makeup tutorial and outfit posts will be far less. I hope you understand!


confession: she makes me laugh. The end.

Do you have any confessions?