the early bird.

I'm a walking oxymoron. An early bird would not exactly be an accurate way to describe me. A night owl is more like it the type who loves to stay up late and sleep until mid morning, especially on Saturdays. However, early mornings are one of my favorite things. I find the first golden rays of daylight gently touching the undersides of wispy clouds and the soft chatter of birds in the trees absolutely enchanting.

farm fresh eggs.

Last night, when I was informed we were going to the farmer's market in the morning, I admit I groaned at the early time. Getting up at seven? On a Saturday morning? No thank you, I'd prefer my sleep. But once I was able to rouse myself out of my bed, I was enamored by the morning. I was also greeted with the discovery that I had reached nine hundred followers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
After admiring the outdoors, I slipped into my new favorite shirt (thirty percent off an already reduced price, baby) and some shorts.

nautical love {98/365}

Upon arriving at the farmer's market, the atmosphere was perfect. A sublime spring breeze was carried through the air and the morning sun warmed our backs. Even though it hadn't even reached nine am, it was hard not to have a cheerful disposition.

lilly & her new shoes.
herbs at the farmer's market.

I must confess that I was overcome with photographer's fright and was hesitant to photograph anything, lest I was reprimanded or given odd looks. However, when faced with the decision to save myself from odd looks or to capture perfection, I chose the latter.


And now? While I might not be completely converted from my previous habits, I'm determined to make an effort to rise a little early, even if just to sit on the front steps for the sunrise. After all, don't they say that the early bird catches the worm?

What about you? Are you a night owl or early bird?