a monday vlog.

Because Monday is my least favorite day of the week, because iced ginger peach tea is the best, because it's dropped thirty degrees in temperature overnight, because I'm feeling a little random, here's a vlog.

(The word vlog is a bit odd, don't you think? It's not a word I particularly care for...but that's just the word freak in me talking. Don't mind me.)

a monday vlog. from carlotta on Vimeo.

Additional information regarding the vlog:

Please ignore the rather, ahem, unusual coloring of my skin. I promise that's not how my skin really looks...the camera just likes to mess with me. Also, because I forgot to include in the video, here's the before and after of my drawer organizing...

before & after.

It was a much needed cleaning, no?

Also, welcome to all my new readers! It means so much to me that you're here. Thank you!

Happy Monday, friends! I hope your day was better than mine ;)


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