life is beautiful.

I shocked myself the other day. Curled up in bed, with my journal balanced on my lap, I thought to myself, "I almost always start out an entry with 'Today was a good day.' or 'Today was beautiful.' It's so boring." I gasped with the realization of what had just entered my mind.

Am I complaining that my life is good? Have I become so spoiled that I take how blessed I am for granted?

This past year, I've been embracing the little things that make a day special, like fresh cinnamon rolls for breakfast or a whispered "I love you".


Little things like a crawling into a bed made with freshly washed sheets or a dreary blanket clouds parting to make way for the sun and a piercingly blue cerulean sky. Little things like eating spaghetti on the patio or finding a polka dotted peacock feather.

peacock feather {119/365}

Little things like rejoicing in the fact that it's May or daydreaming about the perfect wide open field. Little things like noticing how green everything, so lush I could cry.

our backyard {120/365}

It's these things that have made me treasure each day, that make life beautiful.

Because even though you might feel restless to travel the world and feel like nothing exciting ever happens, life is still beautiful. It's beautiful because of the little things. It's beautiful because of the big things. It's beautiful because we have a chance to live at all. It's beautiful because, even though we take it for granted far too often, we have a God that loves us.

Life is beautiful.