I stayed up late last night. The book I was reading, The Help, held me spellbound, captivating me with a rapidly unfolding plot and mesmerizing characters. The minutes ticked by, a dog howled distant in the night, the wind whispered through the trees, yet still I lay there in my bed, the sheets in an inadvertent tangled mess, lost in the world of the nineteen sixties.


I've been slipping little notes for the next reader in library books and then returning them. Sometimes it's the small, unexpected things that brighten someone's day.

It seems that every time a new month rolls around this time of year, I claim that it's my favorite. When May arrived, I declared a hopeless, never-ending love for it. And then June came along. With its warm, long days, plenty of free time, and traveling, it's rapidly stealing May's place. Life has never felt so full and sublime.


June is fresh flowers, snipped from the garden and transferred to pretty vases. This shade of periwinkle seems to be everywhere, from lilacs to sage blossoms to lavender itself, and it's quickly becoming one of my favorite colors.

chocolate with almonds

June is bars of chocolate studded with almonds, becoming soft and flexible in the warm sun. I'm a firm believer in the fact that chocolate is the best and only thing to snack on while reading, blogging, or heck, even photographing.


June is softball games, and, except for inquiring what the score is every now and then, not really focusing on the game and instead catching up with friends. After all, isn't that what sports are for? ;)


June is buzzing bees, drunk with nectar, flitting back and forth. Their soft hum, interrupted in intervals to pause on flowers, fills the air.


June is slices of tomato and bacon quiche for lunch, perfectly salty and delicious.

June has treated me well so far, and it's only going to get better.

How has your June been, friend?