miscellaneous ramblings.

Sometimes random, especially while noshing on oreos, is good. Hence, this mishmash of topics, photos, and words on a Friday night.

The chirps of crickets and cicadas were a backdrop between the steady slap-slap of our shoes as my mother and I took the dog for a walk. The air, while still sticky and warm, had cooled off; i.e., ninety one degrees versus the one hundred and five earlier in the day. To prevent yourself from overheating, the only tolerable way to be outside is either early in the morning, in the evening, or in the pool.

sheets on the line

Brought on by a friend's facebook status, I've been researching all the silly laws in states across the country. For example, did you know that it's illegal to bring an elephant into the downtown area in Oklahoma? And whaling is illegal. (Darn, no more cruising the street in my boat, harpoon in hand. Ahem.) In Georgia, it's not allowed to carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket on Sundays. These are the quirky things that make life worth living, y'all.


I'm a lover of change. I rearrange and shift things around before I'm even aware of what I'm doing. My room was my latest project.

After raiding the basement and going through forgotten about drawers, my room was in a state of disarray while I moved, arranged, and nailed things into place. My favorite element? The collage of inspiration covering  a wall.

wall of inspiration

It's a hodgepodge of clippings from all sorts of magazines; from Gourmet to miscellaneous fashion magazines, I can't stop staring at it. While I love Pinterest, sometimes it's nice to actually pin things physically.



I've begun writing down rare and/or interesting words as I come across them. That makes me seem terribly nerdy, doesn't it? But if being called a nerd is the worst I get, it's worth it. After all, how else would I have discovered words like corybantic, prink, and clinquant? (Also, I'd like to point out the fact that neither of those three words were recognized by spell check. But I promise they're real.)


I've been thinking a lot about simplifying lately. Every moment I spend on the computer is another moment lost. Thus, I've decided to close my Etsy shop. I've been pondering doing this for some time, by upon reading Arielle's post, I'm finally going through with it.
When I started my shop, I though it would be fun to make a little money on the side by selling my photos. However, I hadn't thought on how much work it would be. Heck, I'm still a student and not exactly knowledgeable in running a business. That's not to say I won't ever reopen it in the future, but for now I'm removing "entrepreneur" from my list of titles. I've had the best experience, but I'm happy to be renewing my focus on other things.


If it wouldn't have made him run away in fright, I would have given the mail man a big hug this morning. Why? Because he brought this lovely to me.

my new ipod ;)

I'm smitten, y'all. And of course half the apps I've downloaded have to do with photography. (any app recommendations?)

i love instagram.  

ipod case

And I smile every time I see my case.



Happy weekend, friends! Any plans? Do tell!


PS I'm heading out of town again this sure to watch out for some super cute guest posters! :)