strawberries and summer skies.

The sky wasn't quite blue or grey -- it was more of a soft violet, lighter in the west, darker in the east. I sat on the front step, the cement still warm, and studied the quiet world. The regal sycamores in the yard became mere silhouettes, their strong leafy branches jutting out against the night. I moved to the soft grass with Sarge, our Lab, laid comfortably next to me as the violet sky faded into indigo, bringing out the first stars. I stared up, marveling as more stars appeared, twinkling and shimmering in the velvety blackness. Simply spending time alone, without any distractions, seems to be a cure for anything, from soothing frazzled nerves to curing writer's block. I do some of my best thinking while outside, pondering life and philosophical questions, like trying to solve the mystery of why bagels have holes in them. Ahem.

While I love it, blogging is hard. There are the emails to deal with, the questions, feeling you need to post consistently, worrying about stats. This is my dream, but sometimes it becomes overwhelming.
This weekend, I simply took a break and focused on something else. Instead, I read (and read), spent time with friends and family, played cards, stayed up late, laughed, loved, and just lived. In a world that's built around technology, simply living is hard at times.

In the summer, every weekend is a three day weekend (or four or five or six or seven day for that matter). While the words Monday and weekend seem to be an oxymoron, today proved that the two can indeed live in unison. Yes, today was just an extension of Saturday and Sunday.

polka dots + ruffles

Today was thrifting. The rewarding feeling of finding a gem after digging through ordinary, boring rock makes me smile. And buying pillow cases just because you like the fabric, well, that's lovely too.

lovely fabric
day in instagram

Today was blue skies, dotted with fluffy castles of cloud, the simplicity of kitchen utensils, and a turquoise typewriter, found while thrifting. I wish I could have taken that lovely home with me, but alas, the price was a bit too steep. Back to hunting I go.


Today was ice cream sundaes, tall glasses filled with the creamy confection and piled high with strawberries and fresh whipped cream.

ice cream sundae
ice cream sundae
ice cream sundae
ice cream sundae

My mother prepared, I photographed. I declared that I would hire a chef just to photograph his creations, until my brother scoffed and said it would be creepy. I must confess I agreed.

lace in my hair
 I promise it looked a bit less disheveled and more put together earlier in the day ;)
Today was lace braided into my hair. It may have to do with the fact that I started out my day by listening to my Frank Sinatra pandora station (anyone else they could live in the nineteen forties and fifties?), but I was feeling decidedly vintage today.

And now it's August. This summer has felt so very long but short at the same time. I'm looking forward to cooler temperatures and wriggling into jeans again, but right now, I wouldn't trade these summer skies and quiet days for anything. Everything seems to be falling into place again, leaving me content and full of life. This right here? It's my favorite part of summer.

How was your weekend?