weekend mantra.

The clouds formed pillars in the sky, varying in type and color. We were at the pool, splashing, reading, floating, and a soft rain began to fall. The sky grew darker, into a slate grey -- we packed up our things as the heavens opened and it began pouring, flooding the world with water. Laughing in relief and astonishment, we watched as rained for the first time in months, our prayers for the end to the drought answered. I must confess I ran into the yard dancing and spinning among the droplets, not caring that my clothes became plastered to my body or that water ran down my face. On the contrary, I embraced the feeling of cool water raining down on me.

rain splattered window

My weekend mantra was "no computer". When I need to relax, I often open my laptop and do nothing, really, the hours pass. Over the past few weeks, I've realized this method isn't the best one. Shutting down my computer on Saturday morning, I anticipated a time of ignoring emails, not blogging, and focusing on real life.

It was still pouring outside when the lights suddenly flickered and the whole house fell silent. I smiled when I realized the power had gone out, reinforcing my no computer decision. Call me crazy, but I've always loved power outages. With no television, no internet, no air conditioning, everyone is driven outside and there's such a wonderful sense of community.
When we lived in St. Louis, a massive storm came through the summer I was ten, knocking out the power for five days. During that week, there were multiple cookouts a day to use up food and I fondly recall building forts with my friends using fallen trees and branches. We slept in the basement and spent our days outside -- it was one of my favorite times that summer.


Shortly after the power went out, I slipped to the sunroom with a book (a book I devoured from start to finish in less than a day) and my camera. Opening the door wide to the cool air and pouring rain, I curled up in a chair and read, the cat purring softly next to me.

dinner by candlelight

We ate dinner by candlelight that night and I slept with my sisters in the basement, whispering stories in the darkness and giggling. Because I'm a wimp and didn't want to take a cold shower (you realize how much you rely on things when you don't have it), MeMe helped me wash my hair in the tub, both of us laughing at how pathetic I was.

state capital

We traveled to the state capitol (I fell in love with the colors inside the dome) this weekend and learned more about this state called Oklahoma.

DSC_1885 (2)

On the way home, we drove through small towns along Route 66, stopping at a store specializing in soda. While I'm not a huge soda fan, I must admit I had fun photographing the bottles ;)

early morning flowers

This weekend there were (delightful) early mornings -- I rose before sunrise and watched the world wake from slumber. The light was soft and delicate, gently illuminating the grass and flowers. All was quiet for the exception of some birds twittering and chirping in the trees.

indian sari

I've always been fascinated by other cultures and their history. While sifting through my mother's fabric stash, I came across her Indian sari, acquired during her travels in India. It's a rich blue silk with the most beautiful embroidering along the edges.

chevron embroidery

Inspired by all the fabric, I did some needlework (that makes me sound like an old lady, doesn't it?), chevron of course.

art wall

And my art wall got a little makeover as well.

I didn't touch my computer again until over forty eight hours later to answer emails. It's funny, I was sad to get back on -- it's really true that a break from technology does a wonders to your creativity. I think I'll have the same mantra every weekend -- I'm already looking forward to the next one.

How was your weekend?


p.s. I've been toying with creating a facebook page for pastor's girl's ponderings for months, but I'm not sure about it...thoughts?