on inspiration.

It's a fickle thing, inspiration. It comes and goes in waves, some big and towering, some small but still powerful, some just ripples on the breeze. Inspiration cannot be sought -- it just comes. And when it does come, you'd better grab it and hang on for the ride.

Getting started is the hardest. There's this place of too little and too much -- and, especially in writing, when I'm determined to keep it short and sweet, I find myself with triple the amount I'd originally been shooting for. But on the other hand, that's not always a bad thing. What starts with one sentence seems to weave itself, growing and expanding on its own and leaving me with a piece of art in the end.


One of the questions I'm asked more frequently is how to create and maintain inspiration. I'm hesitant to rattle off a list of tips because that would make me sound like I know what I'm doing, when more often than not, I really don't. It's hard to make yourself inspired, but there are a few things I've found help me on my way.


>>browse the prettiest blogs/websites you know
>>take a break from all electronics, lay on the grass and watch the clouds. 
>>take pictures
>>look at all the things around you and write sentences in your head, describing them as accurately and prettily as you know

>>think. daydream. get lost in your own thoughts.
>>bake something
>>change your environment and go on an adventure

>>read a book
>>listen to music
>>and finally, have an open mind.

I think you'll find that inspiration comes when you're least expecting it.


What are some of your tips when you want to feel inspired?


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