"We're simply an unconventional family," my dad said the other day as we were bicycling home from church. It's true. All of us--Mom, Dad, siblings, and I--do things a little differently from everyone else. I didn't use to like our nonconformity. I wanted so badly to be like my friends; I hid my differences and tried to blend in. Even today I sometimes go back to being a wallflower because those differences, no matter how minute they may be, are hard. But lately, though maybe it's just me getting older, I've been embracing the individuality. And I like--no, love--fitting in with the rest of my unconventional family. We pull out the honey every time we have pizza and bicycle instead of driving places and memorize entire Beatles albums and have dance parties while cleaning out the garage and don't have a television and devour books at an alarming rate and and don't care for sports and speak German on the weekends. It's a wonderful thing to belong to a group of people who have the same kind of quirkiness you do.

(images from a bike ride to the park yesterday...and for everyone who was wondering, no we didn't get a dachshund. he was just visiting the park too.)