if you give a girl a kristen...

...she's probably going to want to show her around town. And when she takes Kristen downtown, she'll of course want to take her to the top of a fancy schmancy hotel. This will probably involve an elevator ride, which means the girl will get confused, get off on the wrong floor, and the elevator containing a laughing Kristen will disappear from sight. Once the girl finds her friend again, she will want to show Kristen the tunnels connecting the buildings. All fine and dandy, of course, until she takes the wrong tunnel and ends up in a parking garage. After disentangling herself out of that one, she'll probably take Kristen to go eat gelato and take pictures...and maybe accidentally steal her money. All in a good day's work.

ps if you ever come visit me, I'd be happy to show you around, but get ready for an adventure. And remind me never to start my own tour-guiding business.

pps Kristen is the LITERAL BEST you guys. She's such a fun fun person and she is going to be such an amazing mother. I love her so much ♥