to the artists

Dear artists (musician, photographer, writer, painter, sketcher, designer, or whatever craft you call your own),

Inspiration is overrated. 

But if inspiration is overrated, why has the world of artistry morphed into a broken, abrupt cycle of working only when motivated? And since when does inspiration come from scrolling endlessly through web pages? Still, the question remains on everybody's lips: "How can I find inspiration?" 

Here's the secret: self control.

The mark of a truly successful creative person is self control to resist succumbing to their ruts, pulling themselves out of it instead. If you wait for inspiration to strike, girl (or boy), you ain't never gonna get anything done!

And here's the funny thing: inspiration comes naturally through working, but that means forcing yourself to get started, motivation or not. It doesn't mean that the work you produce in the tough times will be stellar, but then again, that's not the goal.

The goal is to keep working.

Don't be discouraged if your work is rubbish. Practice makes perfect, doesn't it? And the only way you're going to reach perfection is through practicing your craft. Soon one idea will morph into another and suddenly you have something that you're proud of, all because you refused to forsake your art.

I love reading blogs and browsing tumblr as much as anyone, but are they going to help you succeed in your work? Heck no. The only thing that is going to help you succeed is your will to make it happen. Close that browser, pick up your camera/instrument/pen/paint brush, and create your own inspiration. Start working and watch the magic unfold, bit by tiny bit.

disclaimer: I am in no way saying that I am above getting stuck in ruts. On the contrary, I struggle with lack of motivation just as much as anyone! Of course I have nothing against taking a break now and then, but I've been taking a close look at this whole "inspiration" cycle, and this is what I've found.