a day in the life

Despite what I tell myself, I'm not very good at multitasking. For example, I can't cook and photograph at the same time. Well, I can, but it takes me four times as long and who has the time to spend an hour on a recipe that should take fifteen minutes?!

This past Wednesday, Kiley and I decided to embark on a photo-an-hour project. It's pretty self-explanatory: you take a picture of whatever you're doing every hour. Documenting my day proved to be a bit challenging, as I got so into taking pictures (and subconsciously styling/perfecting the shot) that I forgot to "engage" in my normal routine. Oops.

Honestly though, my day-to-day life isn't not very exciting at all (no really. it's not.), and although this might not be an accurate representation of my day, it was still fun to actively use my camera throughout the day.

Enjoy :)

Good morning! Dragging my creaky body out of bed was a little tough this morning (as it always is...).

Boiling water for my morning cuppa (let's just pretend that I'm cool and say things like cuppa on a regular basis).

Getting dressed and jumping around to some Macklemore in the process (and yes, I like to wear old soccer tshirts from 2006).

Timed essay, ugh. Preparing for the AP English exam that's coming up way too quickly...

Wandering around the house and finding random things to eat...isn't that what normal teenage girls do at 10 am?

Math class. No comment.

Staring out the window at the green leaves (!!!) as math continues to drag on...

LUNCH! Food is my favorite.

Pretty guitar while I wait for piano lessons to start.

Pianoooo. (this is actually my little sister's music, but it's the best I could do)

Helping unloading groceries.

Dried cranberries and sunflower seeds as a snack...bird food for people! (also I'm starting to notice a food theme in these photos...oops)

Driving around town.

Church time! I think my church wins the award for prettiest church, yes?

Storm rolling in.

Drivin' home (while said storm continues to roll in).

Finishing off the night with an Audrey Hepburn movie, yaaaay. Audrey is my favorite. Well, second only to James Dean. ;)

Not pictured: wasting time on the computer, getting ready for bed, going to sleep, being rudely awakened by tornado sirens, and huddling in the basement waiting for the storm to pass.

Whew. Hope you had fun learning about my extraordinarily exciting life. ;)