panic button

I think I am turning into a somewhat of a farm girl--well, as much of a farm girl as you can be smack dab in the middle of the city. The other day I was sitting outside reading (an ACT prep book, if you must know) and I caught myself first laughing at the antics of the chickens, and later, crooning to one who was pecking at my chair. Me! Crooning at a chicken! I've found myself slipping into an Oklahoma accent at an alarmingly increasing rate, too...maybe that has something to do with it? ;)
Regardless, I've mustered up an affection for those thirteen chickens that I didn't know was there. It's fun to have chickens, it really is. You should have seen how flustered I got when we spotted a hawk flying above the sycamore trees--cue panic button and run run quick quick get the chickens in their coop!!! A few of the chickens have names and the movie Chicken Run is quoted on a daily basis because man, those directors really knew what they were doing. However, while I'm totally cool with holding the feathery-plump part of the chicken, I must confess that I am utterly, thoroughly, and completely repulsed by their feet. No seriously, it's a panic button "ewwwwgetitawayfromme!!!" type thing every single time.
And in the midst of getting caught up with the chickens, I suddenly realized this week that there's less than a month left of school. Once again, cheers to the panic button!