These Oklahoma tornadoes, man. I love me a good spring storm, but those tornadoes are scary. I was going to write about how busy I've been and that ever-pressing feeling of a million things that need to get done and the way my priorities have been changing, but after this afternoon's events, my problems suddenly don't seem so big (although that four hour math final seemed pretty darn scary at the time...). I am so very thankful and blessed by the texts/calls/messages checking up on us. My family and I are completely fine--not even a drop of rain over here--but it could have so easily been different. I can't even imagine looking outside and seeing a two-mile-wide funnel heading my way. These storms happen in the blink of an eye; a solid, sturdy house one moment is a pile of rubble the next. My heart goes out to my fellow Oklahomans. I love you guys.

(a few weekend snaps that have absolutely nothing to do with the rest of this post)