greetings from your friendly neighborhood taylor swift

This is the story of a girl who was practically mobbed because she was mistaken for Taylor Swift.

But let me back up first.

I'm not sure what people see, but scarcely an outing goes by without someone telling me that I look like Taylor Swift. Like, it happens so often that I've even come up with a comeback in advance because goodness knows that coming up with a good comeback spur of the moment is the worst.

Then Thursday night rolls around. I was at a local concert and who knows what was going on, but people started thinking that I actually was Taylor (what is this madness).I was just sitting on the curb, listening to the music and minding my own business, when a gaggle of little girls appeared. One by one, they came up to me, asking if I was Taylor Swift, and if I wasn't, then if I was another singer. I laughed and said no, but they insisted on an autograph. And gosh darn it, I should've gotten a picture with them because it was just too cute.

But wait, the craziness is just starting. Later I was bicycling home when a group of teenagers let out a yell. I turned my head and they started screaming. No sooner did the cacophony begin when a boy started running after me at top speed--no really, he was BOOKING it--and yelled, "Taylor! Wait! Taylooooorrrrr!" I was just in total confusion and stopped my bike. Out of breath, he finally caught up with me, and was all, "Taylor! Oh my gosh it really is you! Can I get your autograph?!?!" I kinda stared at him and said, "Um, I'm not Taylor..." but he thought I was lying (my mom didn't help things by asking him not to tell anyone "Taylor" was in town ;)). He just wanted his dang autograph, for gosh sakes! I found a half broken pen in my purse, but no paper, so I signed his arm. And then he ran off and lived happily ever after.

I can't make this stuff up, guys. Now my mom is telling me I should go into the impersonation business....hahaha.

Hope you're having the best Saturday :)