John Green is one of those people that makes me think. I read his book, "Paper Towns," a few months ago, and as usual, I can't stop thinking about it. You know what's sobering? The realization that the majority of the people I interact with/pass on the street every day are just paper cutouts walking around, opinions based only on appearance. It's not until one takes the time to get to know someone--really know them, to find out what makes their clocks tick and their hearts beat faster--that a person stops being paper and transforms into something three dimensional. The thought that so many people will slip right out of my life just as easily as they slipped in is a sobering one. Not that I particularly care how others perceive me, but on the street, I'm just as papery as the next.

But enough of this or I'll just start going around in circles. I guess that's the sort of thing that happens to me after being thrust into new experiences. A new internship at the Chamber of Commerce has been keeping me busy and getting me very well acquainted with downtown. Because I'm a photography intern, I get to go to all these fancy schmancy events and embarrass myself, but at least I have a camera to hide behind ;) In all seriousness, though, it's been very interesting so far and makes me really proud to see all the things this city of mine is involved in.

And besides the Chamber, well, it's just been a lot of life. Here, I'll make a list of the good and the bad (and the ugly? ;)) for you.


taking the ACT
making decisions about college
finishing too many good books
how quickly everyone (including myself) is growing up
brother being away from home for a week


a robin named Wally rescued and tamed by certain little sisters
swimming (and everything that comes along with it like new swimsuits and tans and freckles and bleached hair)
the constant stream of adopted little sisters flowing through the house
summer block party
said brother returning home from camp
falafels, or, heaven on earth
bicycling and blueberries and books (THUMBS UP FOR ALLITERATION)

There's more in each category but let's be real, I'm too lazy to write it all out. ;)

Hope your summer has been fantastic so far!